2006-2007 Transition (vacation)

January 3, 2007

A lot of stuff is happening to me at the moment in my life. I do believe I am changing (again).

Vacation was fun! One of the best I’ve had yet! I really learned a lot more about myself while I was on the trip and somewhat woke up again from my dumb slumber.

I did the following:
– Dyed my hair (Sun-in, old school style with a blow dryer)
– Enjoyed Food (Good Steak at Arroyo Chop House)
– Enjoyed Wine (Thanks Rudy)
– Enjoyed Friends (Thanks everyone)
– Ignored my BlackBerry (Muahaha)
– Downloaded Movies (Something I wanted to do for a long time now)
– Started watching Heroes (Also something I wanted to do!)
– Watched Movies: Accepted, Cars, Casino Royale, Click, Crank, Dead or Alive, Flushed Away, Happy Feet, Rocky Balboa, Tokyo Drift, Pink Panther, Underworld 2. (Really enriches my life, never realized how “out of it” I was)
– Snowboarding in Mammoth (3 straight days, so soar!)
– Learned how to Sew (Did not think it would be this difficult!)
– Learned a few drinking games (These were fun ^__^)
– Played Cranium (Was an interesting game, I like the blue catagory for drawing)
– Snuck into CalTech’s Gym with a girl’s ID (They have a great gym!)
– Wrote the largest check I’ve ever written for $130,000 USD (Wow!)
– Accumulated the largest debt I’ve ever had for $670,000 USD! (Omg I’m in debt!)
– Bought a House ($536,000 USD, reason for the debt)
– Selling my current house (I own half. I love my father)
– Played with my Dog (He’s grown now and very cute)
– Planned out my development strategy for my future company (Rawr!)
– Continued to workout and eat healthy (Ja You!)
– Loss a little weight (Ja You!)
– Started to communicate a bit with old friends (Finally, I’m regaining my socialability)
– Finally got to use my new snowboard (and fucked it up!)
– Pushed my car to 120 mph (Regained my love of speeding, adrenaline yum!)
– Did a donut (with a car) on ice
– Drifted (with a car) on ice!
– Did a REAL donut at an intersection on the streets of Alhambra! (doh! my tires!)
– Did a fast 1760 degree (grounded) spin on a downhill run on Broadway at Mammoth Mountian before falling over on the slopes (dizzy, very dizzy)
– Bonded with my little brother (Snowboarding)
– Bonded with my father (Managing family assets)
– Bonded with my grandma (Sewing)
– Bonded with my mother (Sewing)
– Bonded with my dog (I ran around and he did too)

Phew! That’s only over the last 2 weeks!

It’s been a good year, 2006, although I now realize it really could have been better. Although, I am not too phased by it. Learning from your past and your mistakes, can only prepare you more for the future. I must say that there is nothing this year that was dire or extreme that would handycap me for the next year.

I will only heal and return stronger this year and truly regain myself as “me”.


2 Responses to “2006-2007 Transition (vacation)”

  1. Eunice Says:

    hey james…wow this is a great post. you’ve really reflected. good for you, and grats on all the accomplishments!

  2. renliu Says:

    Thank you! \(^__^)/ Well, lets see where it takes me. Definitly I like my new life style much better. =)

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