Long first day of work in 2007~!

January 4, 2007

Was going to go work out in the morning with Leo at CalTech again, but it didn’t happen. My internal bruse from the screwdriver I fell on prevented me from getting out of bed today at 600am. It was a good try though. Luckily got me Leo over slept too and didn’t call me =P

I can only do this because my work starts at 930am, but then again that’s also a bad thing. Usually ending work at around 730pm leaves very little time for other things.

Looks like I’m off to Canada again on 1/8/2007 and I’ll be back 1/17/2007. We should be finishing this project up by mid-March.

Left work early today (at 700pm, still working on this. Need to try and finish my daily work by 630pm and leave the office.) 930 to 630 is still 9 hours of work! At least that’s what I’m shooting for.

Got home, went running, ate a light dinner, went bowling, got green tea (aiya! Calories!), shot pool, got home, conversed with little brother, getting ready to sleep.

Pretty tired down, but at least I’m doing more than just going home to sleep.

I think I’m going to go shoot pool sometime just to start training a bit. Up until now I’ve always been playing for the hey of it, hating how I never learned how to play really well, I do realize thou that’s just because I never activitly look the time to start learning it.

When your prepared to learn something with a learning attitude your sense are completely different. I want to stay on my learning track.

Push forward:
– Learn more
– Workout more
– Eat Well
– Fix my Posture
– Have fun
– Screw work!

Work’s so much easier when you don’t care as much. hahaha. >.>;;;

Random thought, going to dye my hair again tomorrow with more sun-in. I want it to be more light brownish.


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