Less than productive day @.@

January 5, 2007

Work -> Went home -> Ate Dinner -> Watched Beerfest -> Went to D&B -> Shot pool -> Came home.

Today was Leo and Jessica’s last day in LA for a while, so it was nice to see them before they left for school again.

 Was a nice day still thou.

Conversed with Nina about life a bit. I think she’s right on some notes about my life, I seem to be forcing myself a bit recently. I suppose I only realized it tonight after the conversation.

I need to start devoting myself to the path of learning. I didn’t really learn anything today. I think I need to just pick something every day and try it.

I originally wanted to go play tennis for a bit and train myself as my “learning” but the rain stopped it today. Perhaps I will try it tomorrow.

Leaving for Canada on Monday, it’s really too early!

sleep now. zzzz


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