Tennis Self Training!

January 6, 2007

As every morning, he woke staring up at the ceiling. His body lazy, tired from too much sleep. Recollections remind him of the 2am night before, watching movies till he tired yet still pushed to finish the movies he started. Still too sleepy to really remember much of anything else, he bask in my daily routine of stretching out my limbs from undernethen hist sheets. He rolled over and sparalled himself out. Losing himself in the depth of his pillow and warm of his blanket, he closes his eyes and retires once again.

Time felt still, staggent, why does his mind wonder and spin as he laided still in the morning. Was it morning? What time was it? He reached out for his cellphone for a clock. Just out of reach. Shifting his body and stretching out his arm, he feels the wound from Mammoth retorting it’s echoing soar. Picking up the clock, he see it’s 1pm. Too much sleep, it was long enough.

Still soar, still tired, he knows he can not prop himself up easily. Tiresome trials the days before told him this. Rolling out, he shifts his feet across his rug of clothes. Stepping slowly across his wasteland, his feet reach a blistering cold surface. Removing this feeling from himself, he waddles to the restroom just a few steps away.

There as every morning at home, he looks at himself. Life’s rest, but work’s toil, and himself as t protrait; he watches the morning snap shot of himself in the mirror before him.

His thoughts: “I don’t smile enough…” 

With the next waking moments of his Saturday, he stood practicing smiles and experimented with his face. Eyebrow up, smile down, smile up, more lip, eyes sharper, rounder, look down, reset, try again… >.>;;;;


No, I’m not crazy! Anyone else do this too? haha.

Anyhow was a good day: Ate Breakfesk, watched some anime, decided to play tennis, drove mom and grandma to McKindly so they can walk around with the dog.

Home now, still learning to enjoy myself.


So Tennis, it’s very difficult! But I took a learning position on it. Sadly I had to sit the ball around myself, but I suppose that’s the best way to do it when your learning. I found a small handball court at my old elementry school. Stood about 5 steps from the wall, knocked the ball back and forth, switching sides: front-hand, back-hand. Took a few steps back, speed up the process, worked it a little further away. Pop! Over the wall >.>;; Dang it! Run Run Run. Start again.

Definitly noticed myself getting more and more tired, but slowly I started noticing differences in my form. I started hitting with the racket further and further infront of me and it become harder and harder to hit. When I kept the point of contact parallel to me, I felt there was more control of power, but at a lost of precision. Slowly I started some tricks: how does top spin work? Against a wall it was pretty interesting, it made it hit the wall and pop off in an arch.

Anyhow, I definitly see a difference in things when I take a learning approach. I should try this out with swimming too when I go back to Canada on Monday. Maybe do some research before I go.


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