Returning to Canada

January 7, 2007

So like it’s the evening before the morning I will travel, yet again, to Canada. I’m really starting to hate all this traveling. But then again it’s quite neccessary for the success of my companies project of which I have been choosen as a technical lead for. Regret? A little bit.

Sadly, I really could have weaseled myself out of this one but I choose to go anyways. This trip should be a little less strainous but then again it will also be kind of painful. Tony, my good friend and co-worker, was about to be sent up for the job, but I decided to step in to keep him in a critical position for home development. There’s lots of trade-offs, I’m not sure if it was for the best or not. For the most part I might be avoiding the development/testing work, but then again I am throwing myself into the training system and support systems up there.

Well it’ll be a nice trip, we’re staying at the Marriott. It’s a difference for a change; I was getting pretty sick of the Delta hotel anyways. I wonder if I can join the Marriot program. I think they are in-line with Hiltons no? I’ll have to do some research on that.

So anyways, I should be preparing for my trip. I have a load of laundry which shoudl have been done days before >.> but looks like I’ll be taking them with my to Canada. Haha. >.>;;; Anyhow, I need to start packing.

I suppose all this travel does put me into another depression, but then again I can again focus on embettering myself. My abs are still soar from overworking them at mammoth. I now realized that the screwdriver i fell on was only part of the pain, now it’s on all sides. Definitly a result of me doing those 1080 degree spins on my board.

Was thinking a while back…. wow I own a nice house and yet I don’t get to stay in it much! I’m always at work!

How that I have started traveling. The thought’s like: Wow! I’m not even in the country to enjoy my nice house!

Here’s some pictures of home. I took them as memorablia for the current house (Btw anyone want to buy it?):

My poor locked-up dog. He’s saying, “Let me out! I want to play!”:

My beloved grandmother and my mother in the front living room:

Center shot of the front living room. My mother is an amazing decorator. See the twin Las Vegas, Excaliber Axes? One’s a little off tilted (probably the dog did it), but it’s a very good use of a props:

Front Living room, stair-way to the bedrooms:

Master Dinning room, my mom’s terrority (“Beware of Mom”) >.>;;;;

Here’s a shot of the 2nd living room. (Yes we have two of them, a bit of a waste of space if you ask me, but it is quite colourful):

2nd Living room from another angle:

The adjacent kitchen from a distance:

The adjacent kitchen from a closer distance:

A shot of the backyard beside the building:

The backyard under the confortable shade of my house:

I’ll be moving out of here when I return from Canada. A bit sad to leave it, but then again living this life style has been an economic pain and we really make ourselves suffer too much for just empty realestate we can’t properly use. If I had 2 kids and a wife, it would be worth it. But most of the time it’s just my father and my mother. Grandmother usually doesn’t stay with us. Little brother is in the teenage stage and soon to be in college for 4 years. I am usually at work or traveling.

I’ll miss this house. It made me feel “rich” but I really wasn’t.

To Canada! eh!


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