The late nights working

January 10, 2007

Yet another late night last night. Spent from 9:00am until 4:30am, next day. Most of it was catchup for the traveling day I had on Monday. Another portion of it was spent catering to the needs of the customer to waste time in beurocratic meetings. One of the dumbest things in the world in my opinion.

So it is as simple as this, I am glad I saw it too!
1.) There is an issue
2.) They are unwilling to deal with it
3.) They have insight into the problem or have a level of understanding into the problem.
4.) They decided to act dumb, collectivitly. No one wants to take up the responsiblity to make this assertion.
5.) If I help them and go through the motions it is considered “helping them”
6.) The motions are useless…. completely useless… I even advised against it.
7.) If I refuse to help them and ask them to acquire more information before I evaluate the situation… It is considered that my company is not helping out and is refusing to cooperate on a project level and it has ramafication to the project delievery schedule of which they intend to use as an excuses to prolong their development cycle….

It’s was quite annoying, they wanted to just pin me there and kept asking me “It is your companies’ fault is it not?” It was nearly an intragation rather than a request for help. “Do you agree the problem persists between these two servers?” I was answering back the whole time “No, It is not an issue before the servers. It is an underlying network or OS issue.” Then they would ask again! “If we rule out the following possiblities, then do you agree it is between these two servers?” Not to mention this was a 3-on-1 meeting! I was insulted, yet it was also a challenge. How fast of a talker am I? How can I work it around the other way? What can I say to top them off?

Most definitly, it was mostly fustration. I definitly don’t want to do it again. Especially, don’t want to do it again anytime soon.

At the moment the whole company is pivoting back and forth on a tall rock and I have the power to tip it towards progress or towards failure. I must say, due to the nature of this project there is a much stronger failure directional wind than there is a progressive.  Working to generate the needed amount of minisucle force needed to continue the large balance creeking towards the other direction is quite difficult. It’s like blowing wind out of my mouth to move a 50 ton rock that is sitting on top of a rounded fulcrum. Takes alot of energy to just get the momentum going and slowly, slowly tipping the other way were it is mostly invisiable to the human eye and it is difficult to see real progress. You can only “feel” for it and know you are doing a good job and that in the end you have a much greater chance for that moment of gratification. Only fear, ever, is that a large gust of wind that is out of your control doesn’t come back in the wrong direction and swoop it into the dark side of the mountian.

Wow! What an analogy! Impressed with myself /nod /nod.

Anyhow, I hate these long hours and how it kicks into how long things take to finish.

I really hope the rest of my days here are pretty good. It is not simple to perform and double check all the possibilities and permutations required.

I didn’t get to workout yesterday. I definitly want to do so today. I may also need an afternoon nap to regenerate.


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