Me!~ Bored at work =P

January 13, 2007

This is were I lose my sanity every time I travel. It’s pretty getto, but the amount of power at my fingertips are rippling intense. Over 100 CPUs and over 10 terabytes of harddisk space. Windows, Linux, Unix…. any flavor I want. They all have compilers. They are even clutered!

// Baking himself with the raw power….

Of course… this was far less than another project I had. I should dig up those pictures too!

The command center!

Snap shot of remote desktop connections to multiple servers running processes.

Snap shot of more remote desktop connections!

And more!

and more! (Hence the boredom….)

Zoomed out. This is where the functionality demostrations are also held.

Reverse shot to the other side of the room.


One Response to “Me!~ Bored at work =P”

  1. MsticAzn Says:

    ooo…lots of pics with computers…..can you take pics of your servers 😉

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