28Jan07 – Thoughts #3

January 28, 2007

Ran into my EE20N Signals and Systems book. Wow did that bring back memories. Was originally denied from Computer science even thou I had gained addmission into the school. They assigned me as ‘undeclared’. I knew exactly what i wanted to be! Why mark me as that? Anyhow, big headed, very cocky, decided to take the class in prep of my future transfer into the major. On top of that I also took 21 units that very first semester  I was in college. Oh boy! Bad idea.

I had my ass cooked, tossed, and handed back to me so fast, I thought I still had one and was utterly confused. Good job me for taking on more than I really realized. Felt kind of like jumping blindly into a swimming pool and figuring out someone had wanted to boil the hole damn thing.

Anyhow, GPA that semester hit really low and had to rebuild it all.


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