28Jan07 – Thoughts #5

January 28, 2007

I just shipped one car full over to the other house. It’s quite alot of shit I have!

So like I’m unloading my dresser because it’s not nice to leave it full and expect the movers to move it all. So I’m unloading… and I’m also going through my closet. Then half way through I look around and I realized I have 7-9 packages of new underwear. New Packages. not indivdial wraps. I mean packages like bunches of 10-15 each. So apparently while looking around I have 8×15 new underwear above my currently already in-use underwear… Which makes something along the lines of 150 combined whitey tighties and boxers……… I do not know why I need so much underwear. I could wear one piece a day and only have to wash my laundry about twice a year…. which is pretty nasty, but possible with the amount of stock i have….oh well… back to cleaning… I wonder what else I will find. XD


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