28Jan07 – Thoughts

January 28, 2007

Due to moving, I’ve been going through some old stuff. What to toss, what to keep.  These are the records of my thoughts:

I found some old school/college books. Definitly one of those love-hate relationships with these text books. Took a look at them and wanted to feel smart at first. Somehow smart people are associated with books. So i started archiving them all into a box… Then I started realizing how “smart” I was… and how I didn’t really need all these books anymore. Started tossing them and throwing away the history and the english books about women studies (They tricked me! I thought it was a study of normal women! Ended up a study of the clincally insane women!). Anyhow, ran into my old Music 16B class books. Thoughts were that I really wanted to learn an instrument later in life. Decided to keep those. Then I ran into my Art History books, pretty interesting places these art works are from. I thought to myself “I can see these on the internet! I don’t need a book”, but then I realized that I may never physically travel to these locations, maybe keeping an Art History book or two would be nice.

Each time I think of Art History, I just remember that Professor I pissed off in college. I was playing games very often at night and would play them until next morning 4am, then proceed to class at 10am very shit tired. It was Art History 52AC and it was a few weeks of multiple slides and lectures in a dim….. dark…. cold room…. I was so knocked out I don’t even fully remember what happened at the time. Apparently he got so mad he came over and shook me and I woke up. He then talked to me and I didn’t hear anything at all, and went back to sleep. Apparently he continued his Art lecture then after. I only slightly recollect lifting my head in s brief vision, but that was only after the TA in a later session told me what it had even happened! Anyhow, I feel bad, the professor was very passionate about his work and I was a sleepy student which slept with my head down, was woken with fuzzy eyes, then probably while he was talking to me, flopped my head back down to sleep….. hopefully I wasn’t snoring or something. LOL. Anyhow, I feel bad for stepping on his passions. I didn’t mean too though.


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