Did not allocate time to blog! Here’s the summary.

January 28, 2007

So a summary of what’s been going one:

  • 17Jan – Returned home
  • 18Jan – Went into work immediately the next day
  • 19Jan – Had a game design meeting with Jon and covered a ton of ground. We really laid out the foundations to work with. Next step is to detail it and fine tune the concepts before implementation.
  • 20Jan – Got my servers and racks all installed and prep’d at my old house.
  • 21Jan – Went snowboarding with Rudy and my little brother. Ran into Thanh and Clement! Been a long time since I’ve seen them. I will have to catch up with them sometime after moving back to my old house.
  • 22Jan – Got pulled into the Maryland requirements review
  • 23Jan – Continued review. Majority wise relaxed and continued preping my servers and also helping out around the house.
  • 24Jan – Switched back onto the RCMP project. Continued dry working.
  • 25Jan – Declaired I felt like a zombie again. Broke out of it by leaving early to help out around the house with packing.
  • 26Jan – Came home and programmed for ENV198 Solutions, preping my small company for it’s Fall 2008 launch date.
  • 27Jan – Game design review with Tony and Jon. Sort of catching Tony up to the current state of the design and getting him more involved in the gaming concepts itself.
  • 28Jan – Programmed the as discussed designs from the day before.

Additional highlights:

  • I have been bounding with my little brother more! He’s teaching me how to solve the rubics cube. For the first time in my life!!!! I solved a Rubic Cube!!!!! Rawr! Little brother knowledge > Berkeley Math.
  • Dad taught Mocha (our dog) to chase cats. I actually am curious “how” he taught him, but i may never know!
  • Mom’s been taking shifts at Rowland Heights and helping out there. I’m a little displeased at the situtation with the moving, but not because I don’t like my aunts, but more over because I see a time bomb that will explode in the near future. Of which I can only play spectator to when it happens.
  • Been conversing online a lot, a new friend of mine is in distress and talking to her really makes me think a lot about myself as well. It’s a good experience because it involved a lot self reflection in the process.
  • I feel like I’ve gotten a little sharper over the last few weeks. That’s a good thing!
  • Lost some weight, my abs are thinner now. I still weight a whopping 180 lbs thou, but at least my core is more “fit” looking.
  • My GS has an oil maintenace light on! Planned schedule of maintenance 01Feb.
  • Starting to take apart my room and go over all my old memories. I seriously have a lot of trash!!!
  • Reorganized about 2 terabytes of data over several computers. This is the second time I’ve done this. Wow does it take long to transfer things around. Basically a manual defrag of files over 4 servers.
  • Finally recreated my web-service server. It also hosts my pictures which I plan to fill up! Maybe all 120 GB’s worth!
  • Went and had Korean BBQ with my game design buddies! It was very tasty. Though I regret I did not work out that night.


  • I need another large volume harddrive for my webserver. I plan to host all my zipped mangas there and also possibly open up an ftp for friends.
  • I will be buying a 300 dollar VPN Router for my home network, this is how I will kick off the intrastructure for Env198 Solutions. A CEO’s got alot of work to do when it’s just a start up T.T
  • Since Snowboarding I have not worked out enough. My ribs are still hurting, I’m starting to think I really broke a rib, but it’s only broken so much that it hurts when i stretch out my rib cage. Muscle damage doesn’t take a months to heal, does it?
  • Can’t wait until I get setup my server development box as well! It’ll be the next step after this interface design and implementation for my game engine!
  • I need to work out…. need to work out…
  • My boxing bag will soon not have a location anymore. I may need to buy a stand to have it hang from in the backyard. Maybe a trip to big 5 when I return from Canada in March
  • Not looking forward to my business trip in February to a frozen Canada.

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