Memories of Venezuela from 2005Nov-Dec

February 9, 2007

LAX… Hurray! delayed plan… “The flight is doing to be delayed to some unknown duration as we are experienceing an electrical issues” then later on “the unknown electrical issues seems to have disappeared so it is resolved, please prepare to begin boarding” …… D: What?!… disappeared? huh?…. wait… you mean we don’t need to wait anymore! Yay! Last one on the plane’s a rotten egg!

Anyone have a sudden urge to play simcity?

Delayed flight so we missed out connecting flight. This is a shot of the lobby at the hotel we were allocated for the lay over.

Houston, Texus… very … very… sticky feeling. High humidity and also 12 year olds walking alone in the middle of the night… I think that state death penality really makes an affect on the culture here. So they either have no crime or the 12 year old is working the corner…

Some of the other corner workers… j/k XD okay I’ll stop with the bad jokes. Pretty nice place though. This is all FREE. Open night, i think the city pays for the water fountians and also the clean atmosphere. It was very nice.

At 40+ thousand kilometers in mid-air over the gulf of mexico, I take a brillant snapshot of the sun setting above the clouds.

The 20th floor snap shot of an cylinder structured Embassy Suites lobby below. Was nice rekindling my fear of heights. All I could think about was accidentally dropping my camera. That definitly would be bad…

Promptly decided to reach the ground floor for stability and piece of mind.

*Drool….* under the hood of two racks in this 200+ server setup… *drool..* raw fucking power man… just raw….. what a rush.

The chinese are taking over Venezuela! Watch out! Here is my co-worker Carl. Cool guy, slow talking, fast thinking, easy going, dude that can beat you up if you touch his servers.

Me, enjoying my multiple telnet connections to those 200+ servers. It’s like having the raw power at the tip of your finger tips, but without the cold vacuumed server climate.

How the world looked like after the long hours under the chinese whip.

Our rations >.>;;;;

Omg! Our head software architect has been taken hostage! Just kidding…The armed venezuela national army troops stationed to protect us during the election event. Very diligent =)

Our work! Our pride! And all the cheaters! Actually not that many, just some were. They get a slap on the wrist, a fine, and they were then free to go.

Another great picture I took! Man I could do this for a living!


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