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Movie Review: Eragon

April 28, 2007

Highly disapointed in this movie. I suppose it was the weakness in plot and execution. True I did not read the book, but from what I saw, yuck, I would never touch it!

The story is straight up textbook dragon fantasy. You have your evil ruler, evil henchmen, mystical key item, a stupid hero, and a princess. It’s straight up … ooo got egg, hatch, hero, conceited, kills bad guys, fights boss bad guy, loses, learned, gets to destination of travel, big war, kills bad guy, yay, rejoice.

At first i thought there might have been some long winded really deep relationship between dragons and riders. Something along the lines of a cyclic relationship or something to that nature. Instead the dragons are basically slaves. Simplicty? No, it’s just a straight up… dragon picks person, dragon is a slave. Person is hero.

Should have been something different.

The Hero should have an upset dragon or something… fate picks them and puts them together. Chicken shit hero, hardcore (just add water) dragon. They power up only when they are near. Fed-up dragon ties the wimp to his back because he falls off and toasts the bad guys.

Character! Character! Character! Development, grow found of them. Love them, care for them…

This movie had quite alot of protential at first… felt like they ran out of funding about 10 mins in. Some hollywood sponser decided to pull of, because it would suck too much!

Lame movie, I wish I could get a refund on my bandwidth. =P


Depressive Dependents and Solution Methodology

April 25, 2007

Currently 6:37am, can’t sleep. Random thought occured while thinking about some of the people I’ve interacted with in the past as well as observations of myself.

What’s a Depressive Dependent? (At least in my terms! haha!)

A person that is easily depressed and if difficult to cheer up. Additionally, they exhibit a dependent traits for needing constant support and needing lots of love and care.

One thing to note about these types of people is both of these disorders seem to have their own symptoms and issues with interacting with society. But when combined together they are even more of an issue.

One philsophy I have in life is that anyone can accomplish anything. As long as you take the time to calm down, think it through, evaluation all possibilities, and ask lots of questions it should turn out alright. Nothing is impossible, there are no limits to our abilities.


One of life’s most brutal factors: stress.

Many people in the world over-stress a situtation, especially me! It’s hard to refain from stressing, it’s a psychological and chemical balance which makes us who we are and how we think, but to a degree it is controllable.

Depressive individuals do not handle stress very well. They will shun and hide at the first signs of stress, it is then sometimes much easier to “run” from the situtation than it is to confront it. Always thinking there is no other way, no other possibility! What can I do?

Dependent individuals are interesting. They are individuals that can find and muster the inner power they posses to accomplish something, but with one caviat, they must be encouraged. It is very easy for a dependent to start spiraling as easy as it is for a depressive. One they are not supported, they can not find the care and affection they require, they fall into a downwards spiral.

When an individual of the above two traits collide it becomes an interesting speciman.

When confronted with a task that is difficult the few things that will run through their minds are something along the lines of:

“I don’t know what to do!”
“I can’t do anything.”
“I’m so lost.”
“What can I do?”
“I hate this”
“What should I do?”
“What’s going on?”

When translated into an action process it might seem like the following:

I don’t understand!
I don’t want to do anything!
I don’t understand!
I am powerless!
The world hates me!
Why me?
Where can I runaway to?
I don’t understand!

Now taking a step back… we can begin the solution process.

Calm down, goto the restroom, wash your face, mentally prepare yourself…. “I am going to attack this issue!”

With every action or sub-problem there should always be a step taken to evaluate it or solve it. These are the only two major decisions that need to be made at any given time. Either “Need more information”, “I know what to do next!”

Heavy note here, it’s never going to be a straight solution. Things are not that easy, if it was… it would not be stressful. Your on the right track and progressing…

I don’t understand! (Need evaluation) “What do I not understand?”
I don’t want to do anything! (Need resolution) “But I have to!”
I don’t understand! (Need evaluation) “Need more information!”
I am powerless! (Need evaluation) “Am I really powerless?”
The world hates me! (Need evaluation) “Does it really hate me?”
Why me? (Need evaluation) “Yes. Why you?” Take it as a question, not a statement!
Where can I runaway to? (Need evaluation) “Why do I need to runaway?”
I don’t understand! (Need evaluation) “What do I need to understand?”

Now iterate! Let’s take something like “difficult task, strict supervisors, don’t want to disappoint” a very common scenario. The questions are always what is iterated on, all statements are final.

  • “What do I not understand?”
    • The assigned task
    • “How can I do to better understand the task?”
  • “But I have to!” – (statement)
    • Just like it started, this was simply a statement, there’s really no flexibility on this, but one can still find an ounce of knowledge within it.
    • “Do I really have to do this task?”
    • “Why do I have to do this task?”
  • “Need more information!”
    •  “How can I get more information?”
  • “Am I really powerless?”
    • “Is there something I can do other than give-up? anything at all?”
  • “Does the world really hate me?”
    • I’m just paranoid looking for an excuse.
    • “How can I make the world like me better?”
  • “Why me? It’s unfair!”
    • There are people who are worst off than you, it’s not that unfair.
    • Not easy, yes. Fair? Maybe not. But really ask yourself “why me?”
    • I have been tasked by my supervisor it’s my Job.
    • Any one can quit a job and always look for another one.
  • “Why do I need to runaway?”
    • Because it is more comfortable to runaway than to confront
    • “Should I run away? Is it impossible?”
  • “What do I need to understand?”
    • Repeated question.   

Next iteration:

  • “How can I do to better understand the task?”
    • It was assigned to you. There must be some expectation or qualification critira to get it right or perfect.
    • “How do I find out the expections?”
    • “What is is that I need to do?
  • “Do I really have to do this task?”
    • “Am I the best suited person to accomplish this?”
    • “Could I suggest it to the servisor to ask someone else to do it?”
  • “Why do I have to do this task?”
    • It’s your job, your the choosen candidate.
  • “How can I get more information?”
    • “What other knowledge sources are there?”
  • “Is there something I can do other than give-up? anything at all?”
    • Find more information because a final decision.
  • “How can I make the world like me better?”
    • The world doesn’t hate.
    • If this task is finished, all these excessive feelings caused by it will be finished too.
  • “Should I run away? Is it impossible?”
    • This is alway a possibility.
    • But lets pretend the person wants to keep his job. For reasons like need of money or family support.

Next iteration:

  • “How do I find out the expections?”
    • Ask someone.
      • Who?
        • The person which expects something from you.
  • “What is is that I need to do?
    • Ask the person that wants you to do it what it is they want you to do.
    • “But I don’t want them to know I do not understand!?”
  • “Am I the best suited person to accomplish this?”
    • Possible way-out. Not done evaluating. Push to next iteration.
  • “Could I suggest it to the servisor to ask someone else to do it?”
    • Possible way-out. Not done evaluating. Push to next iteration.
  • “What other knowledge sources are there?”
    • Google?
    • Friends?
    • Family?
    • Parents? They are old, but knowledgable? =)
    • Your supervisor?

I believe the general point can be observed.

The method of problem solving is to create more problems! Just kidding, more over it’s just to ask more questions. Get more knowledge, build an evaluation, try again, and again. There is always bound to be a solution or way-out. Sometimes the way-out is to do nothing! It’s all about where you want to be in the end. =)

Now as the psychological twist.

Sometimes I write things down not to tell others but to really tell myself. It’s difficult remembering things when stress comes around. Specially if your also the nervious type! Writing it all down helps =)

Buy-out’s and Economic analogy to a small War

April 25, 2007

This is the first of many new posts I hope to make. Somewhat just capturing the cognition I get at any one moment about financial information that might be interesting or a possible good theory in today’s world. So lets get started!

One thing that I’ve noticed in the economy is the interesting market shift whenever there is a buy-out. When one company acquires another company, it is a dramatic move. Like most societies, people will follow great leaders. Thus when a larger company, a recognized leader, buy-out another business it is a big deal. Many investors think to themselves “They must know something I don’t! That’s a large investment! If they are willing to risk several hundreds of thousands to several million, what’s my little piece of the pie?” Thus there is a heighten term of which the price of that stock will grow.

Being said, of course these terminologies are not bound to just stocks. It’s also similar to every day business. If someone’s willing to invest a lot into someone, you have a general feeling that they are serious and they will not be as likely to fail.

Another corperate buy-out strategy, I’ve noticed, is when a company starts buying out multiple smaller companies. They lash out and buy up multiple smaller firms and group them together, sort their technology, make it their own, and perform integration over several aspects of a single field or possible bringing together multiple fields into an all-in-one solution.

One thing I always love to compare financial information with is a small regional war. Each region (or in the market they say Sector) is competing over resources. Some might think of this as “cash” or “profits” but that is a misconception. Specifically the resources these small nations (companies) are battling over are terrorial stakes of land, which are not quantized by their worth in gold, but rather their quality as a reusable and renewable resource (specifically Customers!)

As few nations fight over the available “customers” they are competeing to win the trust and loyality of a reoccuring resource from quarter to quarter. This provides one thing that is the majority of what the world is looking for “stability”. People do not desire the unknown, they fear it. When things are predictable, they are confortable. Same rules apply in their decisions for their own futures, of course some are less conservative and also even fewer make their metals while doing it.

Thus, how can you find a buy-out rush?

This is a power struggle over a specific sector of the market. As one competer becomes more powerful and more dangerous as a threat to the other competors, fear will start to cause a reaction. When there is such fear there are multiple war stratigies that really stand out. Of which are the explained above but in different terms:

1.) Acquire more resources to ensure a stronger defensive as well as arm yourself with a possible retaliation. (Which mimics buying out smaller companies to gain leverage).

2.) Conquer the surrounding nations and acquire their power and make it your own. Taking their Society, their methodologies, their technology, and their resources to help stage a later step in the war.

3.) (Not noted above, but is easily recognized) Collaborate with other forces to help combat a common enemy.

Thus there are some interesting warning signs that might bring about the ability to perform a “buy-out” or collaboration of resources.

1.) A health army capable of showing presense or power. Too small of an army will be ignored and more lightly be the surrounding nation that gets assembled.

2.) A super power, but not overpowered. When there is a threat over the horizon, things change, people change. Although if there is a threat that is overpowering, such that hope is crushed and passions for “freedom” (or whatever) are passified, then there this will not happen.

3.) Fear and competition. This is a very critical aspect. Say we have the same situtaion as the above two poitns #1 and #2, but there is plenty of land and resources to go around… Then there would be no reason to fight just yet. The first step for each nation would be to acquire as much land as possible before preparing for a confrontation. Thus fear and competition play a major role as the catalysis.

Hmmm Hong Kong

April 25, 2007

So looks like life’s always changing for me, at least that is the case for my career. I have been choosen to be the technical lead for the Hong Kong project in my company. That means I’ll be spending something along the lines of 2 weeks then more weeks in HongKong, China. I will also be staying a bit in Shenzhen, China since we have a branch there.

One thing I regret in my trip to Shenzhen is that I did not take pictures. Looks like I get to correct this and go again =) One thing I hope to do this time also is to check out more of the city and really try my best to learn Chinese.

Some interesing facts I did not realize. Hong Kong’s formal education is done in English! At first I thought I might have had a deficientcy when it comes to working on this project. But it looks like I may not be in that bad of a position after all.

It will be interesting.

One thing I don’t like about this deal is the increased stress. Also another thing I don’t like is the fact that I need to be away from home.

I just got back and I have spent a nice 3 weeks at home and just hearing about travel again makes me miss everything from the walls to the food to the simple table I have in my bedroom.

Everything in this room is positioned exactly where I want it, it’s a good feeling of “home”. But I suppose travel and especially at my age is something I should do more of.

When i got out of college, I did complain that I did not travel as much as I feel like I should have. I suppose this is my chance to redeem that regret and make it an experiance.

Life sure does have some heavy twists.

I think I will need to continue my plan of action. The critical moment in my plans are coming up soon. We’ll see how I perform and how well it goes =)

Return of Earth…

April 18, 2007

The year was 2098. A time of peace, renewal, and advancement, late in what scientists of 2103 considered the Golden Age of advancement. The innovations and creations developed in this era were unparalleled compared to prior hume history.

Many historians believe the coming of this golden era was a result of a series of events:

In 2043, the sudden depletion of petroleum halted worldly operations dependent of this natural resource. Cities came to a stand still, as well as shipments, transportation, heating, and miltiary. Many regions were left in the dark without power or food, resulting in riots and rapid decay of social and judicial order. The more heavily populated areas, California, Neo New York, Shanghai, and New Delhi, were the worst due to loss and high demands for trade goods such as fresh water and food.

In response, the world was quick to adapt to the much delayed hydrogen fuel cell technology, but the damage had already been done. regions throughout the world were labeled as Red Zones, Yellow Zones, and Blue Zones. Red Zones were regions within a nation that were conserned beyond reform, forsaken, and left ungoverned. Yellow Zones were pronouced areas of “reform and restructuring” of which only one region was ever reclaimed severl years later in 2063. Blue Zones were the more favorable living conditions and also housed the governing bodies of each crumbling nation.

Over the few years that followed, in 2049, new regiems and methodologies across the world were erected. Call out phrases like “new resources”, “new technology”, and “new life” could be heard echoing in hundreds of different langauges across the globe.

With the world in disarray, international treaties and intellectual property restrictions were mere unheard whispers of the past. 

In 2050, the Bi-Hydrogen Fuel Cell, know as “B-Cell”, was first introduced to the world by the Chinese, which was difficult to refine but once created could produce comparable energy throughputs as Petroleum. Quick to follow was the Etheral Hydrogen Cell, “Eh-Cell”, by Neo-Germany, which exceeded energy output expectations. Lastly the well known, Quantum Hydrogen Cell, “Q-Cell” created by the Americans under a the Chinese scientist, Liu RenJain. The “Q-Cell” was a self-renewing fuel cell that would later throttle the growth of the golden age.

Unknown at the time, the long term manipulation of quantum fields, used to “produce” hydrogen had strainous affects on the adhesive fabric of space.

In 2058, over just a few short years, The Q-Cell was marketed and distributed throughout the world, the Americans became a political giant. The year later America became evenly matched as China redeveloped their own technology and produced a quantized Q-Cell, nick named QQ-Cell.

The golden age of abundence and advancement followed. With major advancements in atomic displacement of cargo, micro computing in wearable technology, cybertronics in medical, enchancements by artificial intellegence, and hologram virtualization hume history had never be more thrilling.

Then came the year 2099, when multiple rifts in time space openned up across the globe. Another dimension, a foreign and alien world that laid parallel to Earth could be seen through these vechicle sized portals. It then became known that the Q-Cell had been “producing” hydrogen by extracting it from this parallel world.

Then came the armies from the other world, marching forth with technology much more advanced than that of the Hume. Earth was seized as a harvesting ground, a farm to replenish their damaged world…

The year is now 2152… Humanity as it was known before was lost… Earth lays wasted before the feet of the advanced Tyronians… Red Zones and Blue Zones retained their names, but there is not much to be differenciated between them… oppressed and enslaved the people of earth under foreign rule.

Thus we begin as two children fleeing from a local Tyronian Military outpost. Carrying containers of water and rations under their shirts, crossing rough terrain and avoiding watch lights, headed home to the orphanage within the nearby city…


April 17, 2007

So, I finally got around to seeing my doctor about my neck and back pains. One of the first things he said once he started examining was:

     “Your pretty screwed up for your age. You’re all twisted.”

That was not good… then he added:

     “You have a 38 year old’s body. What happened?”

So … I’m 13 years older physically than I am biologically, if that makes sense. Haha. Then again I have been feeling quite old in the mind as well, but I guess this is proof! I’m older than I really am? If a doctor says it, it must be true! (Leo needs to hurry up and get his MD, so I can ask him to make a few false statement for me and make them true as well.)

We took x-rays, looks like I have Scoliosis.

Well I joke, because it doesn’t seem to be a major or serious case. I’m assuming my angle should be pretty small. I’ve been reading up on my condition and there’s really quite a lot to it all. Specifically they measure your seriousness by the angle created between two “should be” aligned vertabras. Then also I was looking up various medical symptoms that may cause scoliosis or may be resulted from scoliosis. Looks like there’s nothing in-depth that seems life threatening at the moment, but I do risk what is called “spinal fusion”.

When the cartaliage between two bones get stretched out too far, they inflame and saturate in response, but then after they implode and shrink. Slowly once that film is gone, the bones touch. Once the bones touch, they start to “heal” and bind together which creates spinal fusion of multiple bones. To iternate, that is when it REALLY starts to hurt, and eventually you can’t move some part of your back because the bones are fused together.

I’m no where that serious, but am at future risk. It definitly makes me more interested in the medical field. After reading so much it make me feel like I could have been a doctor, if I wanted too. At least for the most part a cryropractistian, maybe not any other type of doctor. Touching the small of the back on young women seems interesting, then again I suppose if i wanted to make money, I can’t pick my patients. I guess I’m glad to be a computer scientist.

Learned a new term… “Idiopathic” it means (in simplifed terms) “Idiot which does not know how he/she got to their current path (state)”. 

I am an adolesent idiopath with Scoliosis.

Sounds harsh, which is why doctors don’t use this term to your face! They say it behind your back in medical diaries, text books, and publications. I learned this from my reading.

       “Susan, your condition is unknown as to what the cause might have been. Please take these medications and also perform these excersies.”

Then behind your back!!! The doctor will write in their medical journals:

       “I had a patient today of idiopathic nature. After exhaustive examination and questioning, I could only conclude her as an Idiopath.”

It’s an interesting new word! =)

2007 Chinese New Year

April 17, 2007

2007 Ottawa Winterlude

April 17, 2007

Finally back to Blogging!

April 17, 2007

My life has finally calmed back down and I find myself capable of blogging again. Many things have happened since I mysteriously disappeared back on Feburary 12th, 2007. I’ve been pushed through many challenage, I’ve experianced some amazing things, and I’ve learned so much about myself, which includes good and bad.

Here’s a quick summary of activities/achievements:

  • Traveled to Canada to finish the project (Again…)
  • Took very good care of my team there (I’m proud of this)
  • Went Speed karting at about 40.3 mph! (Edward beat me on the last stretch!)
  • Saw the most beautiful ice sculptures! (burr cold)
  • Experianced -30 degrees C with wind chill (nearly lost an ear)
  • Learned technical information on today’s cutting edge technology!
  • Truly broke through the first few barrier of self realization.
  • Played a part in the Canada national fingerprint system go-live!
  • Had an enlightening Chinese New Year with my older peers
  • Ice Skated straight for over 12 kms (not very many places that can do that)
  • Had a lot of Korean Tofu Soup
  • Started heavy design and implementation on my personal project
  • Found out I had scoliosis
  • Learned the word “Idiopath”, because I am one
  • Researched about medical science in regards to the spinal column
  • Went to and saw a cryropractor
  • Went to see my dentist
  • Started changing my posture the correct way!
  • Expensed over 9000 dollars, still another 3000 or so to expense! (food)
  • Start diggind through my old music cd’s, listen to them one by one
  • Finally took a vacation (2 weeks, 6 days left from today to relax)
  • Moved back into my old house, finally settled down and enjoying a less luxurious life
  • Sold my old house, made $160,000!
  • Took a loan for $300,000!
  • Getting a tax return of over $9,000!
  • Bank reads (but mostly from the loan) $470,550.37   :3
  • Planned my trip to Anime-Expo (June)
  • Got rear-ended the second day I got back to LA
  • Took a Rental Car for over 2 months! (yikes that was expensive!)
  • Bought my lil brother a new laptop! (he loves it)
  • Played and finished Final Fantasy XII
  • Played and finished Command and Conquer 3 (with trainer help :X)
  • Got to drive around LA like a mad man again (speed is fun ;D)
  • Lost some weight
  • Learned how to use my medical plans for once, various details on how to and what to do.
  • Played a paper based version of my video project with my partner (we really nailed down a lot of ideas thanks for this!)
  • Completely and utterly took a vacation and completely did not care about work! This is truly an accomplishment =)
  • Saw some old friends, of what rare chance I get. They play ball together still, but I’m spending this time healing (back/teeth/doctors).
  • Plan to visit my old buddies more often ^__^
  • Tooke some amazing pictures! (My favorate below)

So now life is back to somewhat normal patterns. I hope this continues. But yet the future seems much brighter from here. After taking on such a large inscalable mountian, other things in life seems so much easier in comparason.

I’ve learned a lot in these part 3 months…