April 17, 2007

So, I finally got around to seeing my doctor about my neck and back pains. One of the first things he said once he started examining was:

     “Your pretty screwed up for your age. You’re all twisted.”

That was not good… then he added:

     “You have a 38 year old’s body. What happened?”

So … I’m 13 years older physically than I am biologically, if that makes sense. Haha. Then again I have been feeling quite old in the mind as well, but I guess this is proof! I’m older than I really am? If a doctor says it, it must be true! (Leo needs to hurry up and get his MD, so I can ask him to make a few false statement for me and make them true as well.)

We took x-rays, looks like I have Scoliosis.

Well I joke, because it doesn’t seem to be a major or serious case. I’m assuming my angle should be pretty small. I’ve been reading up on my condition and there’s really quite a lot to it all. Specifically they measure your seriousness by the angle created between two “should be” aligned vertabras. Then also I was looking up various medical symptoms that may cause scoliosis or may be resulted from scoliosis. Looks like there’s nothing in-depth that seems life threatening at the moment, but I do risk what is called “spinal fusion”.

When the cartaliage between two bones get stretched out too far, they inflame and saturate in response, but then after they implode and shrink. Slowly once that film is gone, the bones touch. Once the bones touch, they start to “heal” and bind together which creates spinal fusion of multiple bones. To iternate, that is when it REALLY starts to hurt, and eventually you can’t move some part of your back because the bones are fused together.

I’m no where that serious, but am at future risk. It definitly makes me more interested in the medical field. After reading so much it make me feel like I could have been a doctor, if I wanted too. At least for the most part a cryropractistian, maybe not any other type of doctor. Touching the small of the back on young women seems interesting, then again I suppose if i wanted to make money, I can’t pick my patients. I guess I’m glad to be a computer scientist.

Learned a new term… “Idiopathic” it means (in simplifed terms) “Idiot which does not know how he/she got to their current path (state)”. 

I am an adolesent idiopath with Scoliosis.

Sounds harsh, which is why doctors don’t use this term to your face! They say it behind your back in medical diaries, text books, and publications. I learned this from my reading.

       “Susan, your condition is unknown as to what the cause might have been. Please take these medications and also perform these excersies.”

Then behind your back!!! The doctor will write in their medical journals:

       “I had a patient today of idiopathic nature. After exhaustive examination and questioning, I could only conclude her as an Idiopath.”

It’s an interesting new word! =)


3 Responses to “Scoliosis”

  1. Jenni Says:

    There is a chart about 2/3 the way down on the page. It has the degree of curvature and what the treatment options are. Hope that helps.

    Best wishes,

  2. Jessica Freeman Says:

    I have had scoliosis ever since i was nine years old. My parents never wanted me to do surgery so with the help of i was able to have complete Range of Motion without restriction, eliminating muscle atrophy while I was increasing tone in a corrected posture, thus
    elimination of pain. well I enjoy reading your blog. good luck.

  3. renliu Says:

    Thanks Jessica. Something to look into to ^___^ I found it very interesting =)

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