Hmmm Hong Kong

April 25, 2007

So looks like life’s always changing for me, at least that is the case for my career. I have been choosen to be the technical lead for the Hong Kong project in my company. That means I’ll be spending something along the lines of 2 weeks then more weeks in HongKong, China. I will also be staying a bit in Shenzhen, China since we have a branch there.

One thing I regret in my trip to Shenzhen is that I did not take pictures. Looks like I get to correct this and go again =) One thing I hope to do this time also is to check out more of the city and really try my best to learn Chinese.

Some interesing facts I did not realize. Hong Kong’s formal education is done in English! At first I thought I might have had a deficientcy when it comes to working on this project. But it looks like I may not be in that bad of a position after all.

It will be interesting.

One thing I don’t like about this deal is the increased stress. Also another thing I don’t like is the fact that I need to be away from home.

I just got back and I have spent a nice 3 weeks at home and just hearing about travel again makes me miss everything from the walls to the food to the simple table I have in my bedroom.

Everything in this room is positioned exactly where I want it, it’s a good feeling of “home”. But I suppose travel and especially at my age is something I should do more of.

When i got out of college, I did complain that I did not travel as much as I feel like I should have. I suppose this is my chance to redeem that regret and make it an experiance.

Life sure does have some heavy twists.

I think I will need to continue my plan of action. The critical moment in my plans are coming up soon. We’ll see how I perform and how well it goes =)


2 Responses to “Hmmm Hong Kong”

  1. Essa Morty Says:

    and then i came out, mommy move me down sout. Essa Morty.

  2. Eka Kolour Says:

    your way to beautiful gir. Eka Kolour.

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