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Back from HK!

May 22, 2007

So I am finally home again =) HK was nice, the people were interesting as well. Everyone had some broken 1/2 english but was very animated to make up for decificencies in language. Meeting the various personals of the HKPF gave me a sense of happiness to know that they are capable people.

It hits me and I realize I have been traveling most of my year so far and have spent very little actual time at home!

2007 Janurary – 1.5 weeks in Ottawa, Canada
2007 Feburary – 2 weeks in Ottawa, Canada
2007 March – 4 weeks in Ottawa, Canada
2007 April – 2 Weeks in Ottawa, Canada
2007 May – 1.5 weeks in HK, China & Shenzhen, China

I am scheduled for travel again in June to HK, China.

It’s times like these that I really wish I had a girlfriend to take with me to these places. It would be like a free vacation for her while I work. We just met up again at the Hotel at night and maybe share in some of the sights during the evening.

This time during my travels I tried a lot of fruits! Various type of fruits from Shenzhen China that was bought there from various parts of China. Dragon Fruit, Lotus Mist, Red Haired Pearls, Mountian Banboo, and some more! All of them were very very good, and also makes much more sense in their chinese names!

The next time I return to China I hope to get a suit made. I’m told it takes 1 day to create it from the day you walk in to get measured. Some really cheap labor there.

I also finally actually got a body massage there (a real one, no not a happy ending type). It was nice, also only cost my 8 bucks for 1.5 hours of service! I kind of wish i lived there, I would spend 8 bucks a day! Think about it!!! In LA, a stupid boba drink is like 5 bucks already… So i can drink boba…. or get a 1hour massage. Big difference there. =P


Current Stocks

May 22, 2007

Recently bought:

– Mindray (MR)

Increased positions: 

– Cogent Systems, Inc (COGT)

Already holding:

– Intel (INTC)
– Cogent Systems, Inc (COGT)
– Nintendo (NTDOY)
– Waste Management (WMI)
– First Data Corp (FDC)

Thoughts on each:

INTC and AMD are currently in bounds by a lawsuit and AMD is losing market shares. This seems to be a moment of conflict. In time of war and despare the underdogs find a way to come up on top. So far INTC is holding the grounds, but I smelled new advancements that have come with AMD’s Puma Chip. I am also looking forward to INTC Maxwifi technology. All in all, my decisions have been to buy them both, as the lawsuit seems to be an anchor of undecisiveness and a blimish on INTC, but I do not believe this will slow them down for long. One thing large corperations have over smaller corperations is resilience. They have experience from falling multiple times but have always found a way to rise up again. I do not see INTC fading away any time in the future without an unexpected twist of depth. AMD and INTC will continue to rival one another and in-essence, support each other from trailing growth of smaller companies though good pratice of competative market tactcis. My goal is long-term. I see AMD and INTC rising to above 30 by end of year.

NTDOY was one told to me that I should not buy their stock because I like them. I do like them. But I bought their stock for one reason…. “the Wiii’s are still sold out!” As Nintendo is still rushing out more Wii from the production line, it is still not enough to satisfy the growth and demand for Wii consoles. Many are probably like myself, sleeping, waiting for the day it becomes “easy” to get one. This leads me to believe that there is an unpresidented and unrealized expectation of demand. This can be kept in many aspects. 1.) the stock is sold out. 2.) analysis can only predict by what has been sold! 3.) It is was not a decision to release “less” like Nintendo competetor Sony. Because Nintendo is making a good effort to try and satisfy demands and still failing, this gives insight into an unrealized value for the company. I see Nintendo finishing strong at a value of 45 before this demand is met.

WMI is an energy stock. At some point I had thought about it. The world generates a TON of trash day to day. Where does it all go? I see WMI as the leader in Waste management and I also seem them gaining much stronger markets as the months go by. I bought them for many reasons, but of the strongest reason is because they have realestate as well as recycling plans. To put it in an bad manner, trash management is a matter of how much you can tuck away. Creating new recycling facitities and compacting trash beyond simple compression is a greater step towards the energy market needs.

FDC holds more than 52% of north america’s electronic transactions. Second place is Bank of American with a small 18%. This is quite a lot! I was lucky on this stock, I picked it in Janurary due to it’s market share and quickly it was bought out by KKR for restructing. My hope is that this restructuring will take 1.5 years and the company is re-openned to the public. Currently I am still holding a small share of the company, unwilling to give it up to KKR.

MR is a medical equipment manufacturing company based in China. With the recent increase in the china markets, I could not help but jump in on at least one. Another mark for my decision to buy this company is also their current expansion in China. They are building new building in Shenzhen China right next to a few other globally recongized company buildings like Fangda. This stock is definitly much more of a gamble, but I have been looking for a medical stock to jump on for a while now. I see the medical world advancing a few folds in the near future. I hope that there will be a technology spur in this coming year.

Stocks of Interest:

GE – genernal electric – they have a research moment towards hydrogen fuel cells. As a larger company they are stable and have much better funding. Additionally their interconnections (if not held up by beaucracy) will be a bonus for realizing new potential techniques to stablize the conduction chamber.

UTX – united technology corp – as the standing company of multiple waste and power management solutions they hold a mighty share in both market and technology in the energy sector, or so my thoughts tell me. But more research needs to be done before i commit to this company. Perhaps I am only looking at it due to it’s size and stability. When i first looked it was at 64.08  now it is at 68.92. Recent markets have been doing well, maybe it is only a rise due to economic strength.

GOOG – Google is on the move again. Sadly it’s value is too high for me to jump in. My recent experience has been very limiting and with a 20-60 dollar value of observation there are curtian rules that can be applied, but for a 470 dollar stock! The rules are very different.

Been feeling distrot

May 4, 2007

So, recently I’ve been feeling a bit disorganized and a little disoriented.

Life is still on the go as always and there are always new and exciting things for me to learn and conquer. I suppose some people in life hate their jobs because it gets boring and they feel like they are not progressing anywhere, where I feel like everything is happening too fast and I never have enough time for my own things. I should probably be grateful that I’m allowed to experience such a life style. But then again, my personality has never been the type to be in such a rush.

The reason why I try not to live in a rush is because I know I make bad and poor decisions when I’m angry or emotional. It’s always a constant battle with myself to preserve my own sanity and keep myself calm. Many a times I find myself enraged, panicing, tunnel-visioned, or just spacing out in general. I know that whenever I reach one of those states it takes me quite a while to reclaim myself. But the worst if it is that I feel I would loose control of myself and do something I will regret in the future.

This brings up an interesting idea I suppose, “regret”. What is “regret”? Why do I fear it?

My initial thoughts are: “regret” is a state of feeling or being of which one wished they did not do something in the past, of which the thing they have done is irreversable and unreplaceable. No power in the world could correct or remove the scar/damage that has been done.

There are many things that I regret:

I regret what I said to someone when I was 16 in highschool, of which I have never forgiven myself for. It was something I wish I had not done, and it was something that went too far and for no good reason. Yes I was young and stupid, and uneducated at the time, but when I think back to it all I can think about is how the whole ordeal could have been either avoided or carried out in a different manner.

I regret not being more couragous in life. There are so manything things and actions I could have done and taken in my past, if only I had more self confidence in my own abilities. Now that I’m older and wiser, I suppose, I see all the various path ways and methods that could have been done in the past. My younger life could have been more full and more interesitng.

I regret not taking better care of myself and my health. There are things wrong with me that I didn’t even know existed until now. I really should have listened more to my parents and elders. I really should have taken much more of a step in my own health than to let it fall apart the way it did.

I regret that I did not take on all the things I have done in the past that I could have. Everything I do now, I could have been doing four or five years ago. I wish I had realized my own potential and been able to harness my abilities eariler.

Of course, it’s not to say I in a bad position. Life at the moment is pretty good, but some how… not satisfying. I suppose a lot of my current thoughts have a lot to do with my old (well she’s not that old) friend’s most recent album. She’s gone so far in life and really done something with her self that make me really reevaluate my current position in life. There’s a lot I’ve done yes, but there’s also a lot I really wish I could have already done, because there’s so much!

Well before I get into that, I suppose I should visit what I consider a full and happy life.

I think one should be happy if they can acquire the following:

1.) Family
2.) Wealth
3.) Friends
4.) Shelter
5.) Health
6.) Passion
7.) Love

Of course the list of seven is not all emcompassing, but I think it’s the foundations for creating “happiness” in life. There are usually the textbook envy of mortals.

I have a good family, but may not have a good wife just yet. I’m still young and looking I suppose. This also ties into my father’s teachings and life lessons, can I continue his legacy?

My wealth, I have to say has been spoon fed to me for the most part. Granted I do bring in a lot of money into the family, but deep down inside, I know I life my current life in luxary because it has been provided by my father. I am now seeking a way to prove to myself that I can do it too.

Friends are the one aspect which I am worst at. I’m not completely sure why actually. Many times it’s just a feeling of regret and remose, or betrayal. Not necessarily from friends, but at least from old lovers and some how it ties together a bit. I’m a bit lonely in this aspect of my life and really wish I could spend more time relaxing and having fun with friends.

Shelter is something that is given to me. This is essential for life’s happiness. I am content with this aspect of my life. Specially because my father helped me setup ownership for a 538k house! Age 24, Technical Project Manager, House owner. Yes!

Health, I’d have to say is also a bad subject at the moment. I most recently found that I have scoliosis. Which means at this age I have no hope in ever truly correcting it. At most I can only “ease” it from day to day as I fix my life style and living habits.

Passion is something I believe everyone in life should have. A reason for being, a reason for living, a part out of reach goal to chase. Having a general direction to work towards, life becomes more meaningful and more interesting. For me, this is making a video game in the future. I have been dreaming about this since I was 9 year old, yet I have still not yet completed this…

Love, my worst subject on the syllabus. I think I may try a speed dating service or something, but really I know the problem is in my own life… I should fix myself first before I attempt this again… I am jaded, still scared from the more recent emotional transactions that happened four years ago. Yes, it did mean something to me at the time, now though, it is just fear…

Anyhow… life is “happening” at the moment, but I am definitly not exactly “happy” with it. I’ll see how this goes later on in life… But I really wish to have things kick up a bit more with the passion and love aspects of my life as well as the ability to spend more time with family and friends…

I feel like I’m left behind and in the dust… But yet… I can not given up nor can I stop… just keep walking and walking… one day I’ll get there.