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Midnight Urges

January 30, 2007

2:01 AM 2007/01/30

Friend: then later… i realized.. i m straving coz i NEED MEAT
Friend: i need my fucking meat
Friend: im gonna google some more pic of chicken
Myself: hahahahaha.. WHY?
Friend: i just got laid 3 days ago, but i havent had real meat for a while
Myself: Omg Hahaha
Myself: “so that’s why i must google for chicken…”
Friend: LOL


Profile Archive

September 3, 2006

lil x psyduck: well i’m definitly stealing knowledge here:D
lil x psyduck: i dont’ plan to be here forever =)
lil x psyduck: maybe you’d like to be my production manager for a game and story line =)
FemaleFriend: im hungry
FemaleFriend: i want food
lil x psyduck: i would need someone that’s good with story and character design and good production management to get the artists working efficiently ^^
FemaleFriend: errr
FemaleFriend: why are u guys perverted all the time
lil x psyduck: (here giving a very serious business proposition and the candidate has wandering eyes saying she’s hungry)
lil x psyduck: (and she calls out sexual harassment.)
FemaleFriend: i dont get it
FemaleFriend: errrr
FemaleFriend: and im hungry
lil x psyduck: nm
lil x psyduck: lol

Some women just don’t mature as fast as some others…