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PaperMonk Engine: First Skit

October 15, 2006

=== Notes ===

Talking happens in a Portrait and text. I hope to have voice acting along with it, but for reasons, such as funding, I’m leaving this out for now. The Portraits are used to show emotions. The characters, I imagine, are just chibi 3D characters, a little bit SD, but not too much. Their eyes texture image can be changed to show expressions, but I don’t plan to include mouths.

During monolog, critical scenes, character introductions: I plan to bring out a full body portrait of the characters, usually this will be used to instill an imagary to the viewer so that they can understand the character’s personality based on the imagary. It also sets the mood of the scene and the current character’s feeling for the moment. It’s also used to express smaller fine detailed actions that can’t be done by 3d models.

The 3D animation will not be top notch (yet). Specifically we will have characters dashing in a single frames and walking maybe 5-6 frames. I’ll be programming all the animations, so there’s almost no work on the art side of this except building the character’s skeleton structure and each piece of armor or clothing.

Anyhow, I’ll talk about implementation later on ^^

=== Skit 1: Shadow’d Wedding ===
Background: Some nation (didn’t think of a name yet) is marrying off their princess to another neighboring nation’s prince. The wedding is meant to unite the two houses and form a lasting bond that would shift their two nations into a new unionship for the future. The history between these two nations has been quite harsh, hate crimes were once the norm between them. Many years have past since then and this wedding is an important step towards the right direction. Although, there is still noticable disorder and some say it is still too soon for such a poltical move…

==== Scene 1 ====

Location: Princess’ boarding room on the prince’ national captial. Day of the wedding.

Details: The princess (name? Zelas) is in her wedding dress, white and beautiful, unvieled. She is accompanied by her female childhood friend and sworn knight of the royal court, (name? Rozalin). They have quite a long history together, and Zelas is uneasy at the moment…

Layout: Bed in the back left, dressing table and chair to the left, mirror to the front left, door to exit the room on the right, there is a large window in the middle. Cloudly day.

Zelas: … [approaches to the mirror on the left] +Full body portrait to introduce the princess+

Zelas: …

Rozalin: Princess, still thinking about it? +Full body portrait to introduce bestfriend+

Zelas: … Yes, but I know I have to. For my people, my country, and my family.

Rozalin: You’ve always placed too much yourself. [walks over to the door on the right, stares at the door a bit]

Monolog Rozalin: (… hmm… could have sworn I sensed something …)

Rozalin: But that’s why you have my respect. *smile* [walks back towards the middle of the room]

Zelas: Father would have wanted it this way.

[Shadow dashes across the window in the background, Rozalin unsteaths and dashs between the window and Zelas.]

Zelas: !… What was that?
Rozalin: … [walks over to the window] +Full body portrait of Rozalin looking out the window+

Rozalin: (Looks like it’s gone, didn’t get a close look… I better be more cautious)

Rozalin: We’re in a high tower, must have been a crow or something.

Zelas: Ah, must have been. [Turns around, back towards Rozalin] Help me with this, I swear they try to kill us in these tight dresses.

Rozalin: Of course, Princess *smiles*

[Rozalin walks closer as the scene fades away]

==== Scene 2 ====

Location: In-door wedding hall.

Details: Guest are lined one side of the red carpet. The prince is at the alter waiting for his bride. Priests, and noblemen are all ready for the glorious ceramony to begin. There is much talk amongst the guests, the priest for some reason is a bit nervious.

Layout: The Prince, priest, and alter are on the right of a long hall way. The supporting roman pillars can be seen behind the rows of royal guests and nobels that span from left to right a row behind the red carpet. There is an open door to the left where the red carpet begins.

[Talk amongst the crowd]

Nobleman: [Protrait only] This is a wonderful event.

Noblewomen: [Protrait only] Yes, sooner we can open the borders for trade the better.

Nobleman: Well, quite leech aren’t you?

Noblewomen: Excuse me?

Nobleman: On look the princess!

[Camera swing to the right side to the prince and priest]

Edwind, the Prince: … [Waiting, confident] +Full body portrait+

Ryes, the Priest: [Waiting, nervious] +Full body portrait+

Edwind: Why are you so nervious? *smiles* You’re more nervious than me, and it’s my wedding day! [punches Ryes in the shoulder, Ryes stumbles a bit]

Ryes: Well this is my first wedding.

Edwind: What better way for the best man to support his fellow brother than to bind his marrage huh?

Ryes: I still can’t believe you talked me into this. I’m not suppose to be in this position. The pope was mighty angry with it, my monk-hood is on the line, stand up straight before I whop you.

Edwind: Don’t let the nobles here stop you, haha.

Ryes: Right, last thing I need is my family reading in the headlines about their mad priest for a son.

[Camera swing. Enter the Princess and her Royal Gaurd from the left. Camera Swing back to the Prince and Priest]

Edwind: *whisper* hey she sure is hot…

Ryes: I’m a priest right now, how am I suppose to respond to that?

[Camera swing back to the Princess]

Rozalin: Ready, Princess?

Zelas: Yes…

[Music plays. Rosalin stays back. Zelas starts walking down the alias]

[Few 1/3 of the way down the alias, Camera swing to the Prince’s area]

[A shadow dashes from the far back right side of the room down the alias]

[Music change]

[Rozalin dashes forward and pushes the Princess aside]

[The shadow materializes and Rozalin clashes swords with an assassin]

[The assassin jumps back and dashes again, clashing and is repelled]

[Camera Swing to the Prince and Priest]

Ryes: Careful, Ed. [Ryes pulls out a staff] *Sweat drop*

Edwind: Move. [Pushes Ryes aside and unsteths his Sword]

[Edwind dashes down the hall way to join the fight]

[Enter from the left an Archer, bow in one hand, other hand reaching into his quiver] +unnamed full body portrait of the archer reaching for an arrow+

Rozalin: (another one?)

[Archer fires an arrow down the hallway]

[Rozalin slashes low at the assassin, the assassin jumps and is struck by the arrow and sent flying backwards]

[Edwind intercepts and slices the assassin in mid-air]

[The assassin turns into a wooden log with an arrow through it]

+portrait of the archer asking for the princess’ hand to help her back on her feet+

Kain, the archer: Are you alright princess?

Zelas: …

[Scene fades a way…]


Overworked, stressed!

May 18, 2006

Meeh: /stare /stare
Jessica:  /stare… /stare
*Hao walks up*
Hao: hey what you…. l….  /stare
Ren: >.>;;; *walks away*

Hao’s going crazy again

April 11, 2006

Ren: You read all this? Hao's going nuts again with the stories.
James: Yeah, they're pretty childish. The stories have no impact.
*Hao heard that*
Ren: I think it's all the manga he reads.
*Heard that too*
*Hao starts writing about another story, "Once a upon a time, Ren and James got killed by a duck"*
Ren: >.>;;;
James: >.>;;;
Hao: It's art
Duck: o.O?

Hey you hear about the RI plan?

April 10, 2006

James: Hey did you hear about the RI plan?
Ren: What's this? Not yet.
James: Looks like Hao's planning to start a civil war or something to just move RI closer to NY.
Ren: Why would he do that?
James: I think it's to impress someone.
Jessica: hmm. Are you sure it wasn't just because your bad at Geography?
James: O.O;
Hao: I think it's a great idea! I'll lead the armys to glory!
Ren: >.>;;;
Jessica: >.>;;;
Duck: >.>;;;

I’ve forgotten!

April 10, 2006

Meeh: I’ve forgot what it’s like to be in a relationship! It’s been so long. I think I can try again!
Jack Wang: Oh? We can remind you. Remember the anniveries, the gifts, the phone calls, the check ups, the arguments, nagging, remmber?
Meeh: I was so hopful until just now T.T

April 3, 2006

Jessica: Stupid work-a-holic. Goto sleep already.
Duck: She's right you know.
Jimmy: Work is work, need to have responsibility.
Jessica: *Sit-up, Knocks Jimmy over with a pillow*
Jimmy:    T.T
Hao: Laptops coming in a few days. Time to kick it into high gear for game development.
Jimmy: Ah! More work! Good.
Jessica: *sits up, stare*
Jimmy: *gets the chills. feels death looming over him*


I guess I love writing an essay of thoughts >.>;;;

April 2, 2006

As mentioned by the subject title >.>;;;; /sweat

(Internal Monolog)
Jessica: Yeah you talk too much.
Hao: Don't mind her, it's a good thing.
Duck: Don't talk to yourself too much it makes you look crazy.