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Movie Review: Eragon

April 28, 2007

Highly disapointed in this movie. I suppose it was the weakness in plot and execution. True I did not read the book, but from what I saw, yuck, I would never touch it!

The story is straight up textbook dragon fantasy. You have your evil ruler, evil henchmen, mystical key item, a stupid hero, and a princess. It’s straight up … ooo got egg, hatch, hero, conceited, kills bad guys, fights boss bad guy, loses, learned, gets to destination of travel, big war, kills bad guy, yay, rejoice.

At first i thought there might have been some long winded really deep relationship between dragons and riders. Something along the lines of a cyclic relationship or something to that nature. Instead the dragons are basically slaves. Simplicty? No, it’s just a straight up… dragon picks person, dragon is a slave. Person is hero.

Should have been something different.

The Hero should have an upset dragon or something… fate picks them and puts them together. Chicken shit hero, hardcore (just add water) dragon. They power up only when they are near. Fed-up dragon ties the wimp to his back because he falls off and toasts the bad guys.

Character! Character! Character! Development, grow found of them. Love them, care for them…

This movie had quite alot of protential at first… felt like they ran out of funding about 10 mins in. Some hollywood sponser decided to pull of, because it would suck too much!

Lame movie, I wish I could get a refund on my bandwidth. =P