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Ugly Men and Ugly Women… and the rest of us in-between.

February 3, 2007

So this morning (after a long stand-up comedy binge of about 6 hours the day before) a thought suddenly hit me…  (which, in itself, is a pretty odd and random thought… but let’s entertain the idea).So… if life sucks… and you’re ugly… and male… (you’ve got the worst looks/gender combination)… and you have never gotten laid… you’ve tried and tired… and your now old and grey… your chances of having an intimate moment with a young, hot, heart-racing, fox is about … the probability of near zero as you approach the limit.

So… let’s take three notions into the debate and evaluation:

1.) You don’t want to catch anything: HIV, AIDS, etc…

This rules out your local intersection prostitute-for-hire. Chances are she’s got something that’ll bring you a lotta sobs and creams for the next duration of your life.

Let’s consider the social status que, “ugly men get in a lot of study and schooling”.

So ugly men are smart and well schooled; when weighing in this consideration they can quickly (dependent of their “next duration” and their “since when”) would rule out this possibility.

2.) You don’t want to do anything illegal!

Some how risking one night with a young lady only to find yourself taking it in the rear for the next 6 months in jail isn’t a pleasing thought.

“What if you fly to Holland or Thailand or Cambodia?” Yes… that is a possibility. But… from cost to gain expectancy, that’s an expensive business transaction. Not to mention the human urge and need for intimacy is never a “once a year, one time deal”. Thus when the urge arrives and they happen to live in a country like America, it would take an estimated 1800 USD, 14 hours one way, a taxi, a “fee”, the time for service, a taxi back, and 14 hours returning to America. (It must have been the airliners lobbying in these countries for legal weed and sex.) But by the time your 6 hours into the flight back, that second, after-shock, urge may have started taking affect.

Not financially and economically pleasing.

The idea of legality has quite a few bearings and punishments in our society. It must have been ugly women that outlawed prostitution; it was a sneaky maneuver, but they were successful. This is because there’s another name that prostitution goes by, which has always been under the radar and undetected by untrained eyes. Specifically it’s a longer-extended contract and the ugly women’s union laws have inflate the price for sex to included: a lower quality of service, random gifts, yearly gifts, a car, a house, possibly a crying baby, emotional taxation, and the premium package, with contractual automatic self-renewal, includes a marriage certificate (with a large red stamp of approval from the state).

3.) Must survive! “Life… always finds a way” (Jurrasic Park)

Given the business contractual agreement required under “the ugly women’s monopoly”, it is sometimes too much. Men had to find an alternative to securing sex. Thus the porn industry was born (brilliant)!

Pornography is an economical choice for men that wish to evade marriage taxation. The contracts are shorter, higher quality of service, there are less catches n’ loops, which also includes a healthy business relationship between client and server when finished. Prostitution now has another name!

Research by supports this theory ( as they note:

 “There are millions of personal sites and fan sites whose publishers have no intention of ever profiting.”

The ugly, franchised, man has prevailed! Even now, hundreds of middle-aged and older men are sleeping with hot young ladies all over the world under the new business model named “pornography”.

Granted that the costs are still higher than your local intersection, but from the trade-off of quality of service and flexibility of contract… this business transaction is for-the-win.

Moral of Society? If you’re an ugly male that can’t get laid, use some business sense in your life. Join the adult entertainment industry with the “millions of personal sites and fan sites” publishers! —–

The above thought now feels too random. LOL. Oh wells, maybe someone in the world will read my blog and take fist to palm, “by gawd! he’s right!” Then he’ll open his own pornography company and end-up hiring only ugly chicks…


Oh wells. 


Foundations of Business

December 24, 2006

Communications is the foundations of human interaction and the foundation of business. Everything in the middle has alway been an accelerant of the primative “Hi! Do you want to this?”

So what do you need to instantiate a business transaction:
– Product
– Demand
– Seller
– Buyer
– Communication
– Transportation
– Tradable Assets

Well the primative is more like “Oga, Want” *Point* then the other guy “Uga, Trade” *point* and they both nod and swap. >.>;;;;

“Think outside the box!” – Old School Cliche

June 1, 2006

So you have a box.

From the context of the quote, there must be a displacement of locality which is different than the final result of the quote. If you were already outside of the box than you would only need to "Think!" Thus one must be inside the box at the initial state of the quote.

If you are inside of the box, then you must get out of the box to think "outside the box". To get out of the box must take a movement or disposition of one's self from within the box to the outer space of the box. To procure a method to get out of the box, you must first know what is the "the box". You will need to observe "the box" and dedicate thought about how to get out of "the box". Thus with your current disposition you must "think" inside "the box" about "the box" to get "outside the box".

One would have to build a definition of what is "the box". A box by definition would be a geometric shape of of 6 sides. It is most definitely not an "easy" task to get out of "the box" thus one can presume that simple actions of traveling in one direction could not help you exit "the box". We can then assume "the box" has an internal space, or region, of infinite distance. As one approaches the wall there will ultimately always be some distance epsilon which is great-than zero and of which limit is equal to zero.

No matter which direction in space one travels within "the box" there will always be some epsilon distance which differentiates between "in the box" and "outside the box".

We define "in" to be some metric distance within the bounds of epsilon from either edge, or border, region within the space of "the box".

We define "out" to be some metric distance beyond the bounds of the edge or border, region mutually exclusive to the space of "the box".

Thus we may mark "the universe" minus "the box" as "outside the box".

We have now defined two regions "the universe" and "the box". We can easily "think" in "the universe" as "the universe" is a super-set or group of "the box".

By topology, we may think of "the box" as a inner-region, or bubble, of the outer-region, "the universe", Thus it is possible to "think in the universe" but it is impossible to "think outside the box".

Let us define "the metaverse" as "the universe" minus "the box".

"Think outside the metaverse" is easily accomplished as we can state this as true.

We can now:

"Think inside the unverse!"
"Think outside the metaverse!"

but not

"Think outside the box!"

As we know "the metaverse" is a spacial region, as is "the box is a spacial region. As through topology we can change any spacially solid region into any other spacially solid region and perserve their fundimentality.

Let us change "the Metaverse" to be equal the same space and equvialent of "the box", such that "the universe" is composed of who "box like spaces" that make up the entire spacial region, "the universe".

We now can "think" "outside" of "a" "box" and figurativily speaking "think outside the box".


“Don’t give half-assed hugs, no one likes to have half their ass hugged.”

May 24, 2006

mag: i LOVE hugs!!!
mag: and you give a very good hug!
mag: GOOD JOB!
mag: some people give very half-ass hugs
lil: haha
lil: thanks
mag: ewwwwwwwwwww
lil: I don't really want people hugging half my ass either ^^;;;;;
mag: HAHAHAHA!!!

“One should relax after work, there are no mission targets, no work ethics, no worries, and no reasons to perform.” – Me (May 21, 2006)

May 21, 2006

Kind of realized this eariler, but i think this is a good time to reitierate about it.

I think I take my social life a little too seriously, almost like it's work. I need to relax a little more and just let it flow and let it run it's course.

Work is about building damns and flood gates, driving the river of fate into the direction of your choice and tender.

Social is about letting the river flow and run it's course, then watching it and abmiring it's beauty.

“Can’t direct the construction of a house without a knowledge of the house that is to be constructed” – Myself (2006)

May 18, 2006

This quote has probably come from many aspects of life, but… I claim it in the name of James Ren Hao Liu, that this quote is mine and officially established 2006.05.18 1:31am PST!

Anyhow this is how I feel about my job at the moment. It's really hard to direct people in which direction to go when I know so little about the project's whole workflow.

I suppose it's to be espected, it's hard to really known what many people have been building up for months now in just a few days. I wish I was placed on this project in the beginning. Playing catch up and butt wipe clean-up crew like this really sucks.

“You know you’re dead once you stop learning” – Unknown Author (2001)

April 26, 2006

I have forgetten here I heard this from but I think it has a very good note on how to live life.

If you stop learning you're no longer "living". Learning is a very important element of being aware of your surroundings and also the people around you. Everyday there is always something you can learn about the world, the people, your family, your friends, and even yourself.

Once you stop learning, it's just as well be the day you pass away.

All things in life are materialistic, people can acquire money and riches and other people can take that away from you. No one, no one can take away your knowledge the elements of your life that make you who you are. =)

“Love isn’t a flower on the mountain you feel happy looking at. Love is when you can be yourself and smile.” – Inspired by Kawakata Kaoru (Open Sesame, Manga)

April 18, 2006

Note: This is not really a rule. 

Love's not one sided?

In truth this quote doesn't mean much to me anymore. I've lost the context in my mind. I'll have to re-read the manga and figure this out sometime.

I transfered this entry from my older blog site that I made myself, so it's kinda been sitting there a long time now. Not sure what this quote means anymore, or possibly, I don't know how to understand what this quote means anymore.

Kind of been feeling like a loveless shell of a human recently. Can't really explain it. Just feel like I'm a little incapable of the ability and that I don't really know what it all is anymore.

Added On 5/28/2006:

Love isn't about putting on a mask and admiring something from a far and working to build yourself up to match that flower on a mountian. Love is more about living and laughing and enjoying life as who you are with the person you truly love. Working up to that would be "flower on the mountian" is sometimes only an illusion, any "working" to mask yourself from who you truly are to get up to that "mountian" is at times the worst thing to do. It may as well be that your mountian is quite taller, quite higher, and quite beautiful in itself. Looking at the world we sometimes see things off at a part sitting at the top of a mountian. Be little of us to climb down our current mountian and start the climb up another; why not get to the top of the current one and see if there exists a flower even better and more beautiful than that of another mountian. Up top a mountian of your own, your own path, and your own trumph.

“Power is something worn over cloths, there is no such thing as a naked king.” – One-piece (2002)

April 18, 2006

This probably came from another source as insperation to the authors and producers of One-piece, the anime series, but it first entered my life through this anime.

It's a very deep quote and really places itself best in context during the animation. Though it's not to say it is only good for animation.

The notion is that a father, a king, no matter how poweriful or well adorn, is still human underneth and still loves his daughter. At least this is how I've interpreted it.

 But it is some what true, in another sense as well. A king or politics of this world is really nothing more than just a symbol of power, almost like a dance of society as we push for one thing or another. We vote for one thing, press for another; no-one is every completely happy, but we still dance non-the-less.

“Things are not always what they seem” – Unknown

April 18, 2006

Old saying kind of goes with "Don't judge a book by it's cover". I guess the book one's a little too cliche now, so this one's a little better. I'll probably feel the same way about this quote and pick another one in a few years too. Well the idea is the basic principle of the matter exists and is extendable from this quote. =)