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Back from HK!

May 22, 2007

So I am finally home again =) HK was nice, the people were interesting as well. Everyone had some broken 1/2 english but was very animated to make up for decificencies in language. Meeting the various personals of the HKPF gave me a sense of happiness to know that they are capable people.

It hits me and I realize I have been traveling most of my year so far and have spent very little actual time at home!

2007 Janurary – 1.5 weeks in Ottawa, Canada
2007 Feburary – 2 weeks in Ottawa, Canada
2007 March – 4 weeks in Ottawa, Canada
2007 April – 2 Weeks in Ottawa, Canada
2007 May – 1.5 weeks in HK, China & Shenzhen, China

I am scheduled for travel again in June to HK, China.

It’s times like these that I really wish I had a girlfriend to take with me to these places. It would be like a free vacation for her while I work. We just met up again at the Hotel at night and maybe share in some of the sights during the evening.

This time during my travels I tried a lot of fruits! Various type of fruits from Shenzhen China that was bought there from various parts of China. Dragon Fruit, Lotus Mist, Red Haired Pearls, Mountian Banboo, and some more! All of them were very very good, and also makes much more sense in their chinese names!

The next time I return to China I hope to get a suit made. I’m told it takes 1 day to create it from the day you walk in to get measured. Some really cheap labor there.

I also finally actually got a body massage there (a real one, no not a happy ending type). It was nice, also only cost my 8 bucks for 1.5 hours of service! I kind of wish i lived there, I would spend 8 bucks a day! Think about it!!! In LA, a stupid boba drink is like 5 bucks already… So i can drink boba…. or get a 1hour massage. Big difference there. =P


Hmmm Hong Kong

April 25, 2007

So looks like life’s always changing for me, at least that is the case for my career. I have been choosen to be the technical lead for the Hong Kong project in my company. That means I’ll be spending something along the lines of 2 weeks then more weeks in HongKong, China. I will also be staying a bit in Shenzhen, China since we have a branch there.

One thing I regret in my trip to Shenzhen is that I did not take pictures. Looks like I get to correct this and go again =) One thing I hope to do this time also is to check out more of the city and really try my best to learn Chinese.

Some interesing facts I did not realize. Hong Kong’s formal education is done in English! At first I thought I might have had a deficientcy when it comes to working on this project. But it looks like I may not be in that bad of a position after all.

It will be interesting.

One thing I don’t like about this deal is the increased stress. Also another thing I don’t like is the fact that I need to be away from home.

I just got back and I have spent a nice 3 weeks at home and just hearing about travel again makes me miss everything from the walls to the food to the simple table I have in my bedroom.

Everything in this room is positioned exactly where I want it, it’s a good feeling of “home”. But I suppose travel and especially at my age is something I should do more of.

When i got out of college, I did complain that I did not travel as much as I feel like I should have. I suppose this is my chance to redeem that regret and make it an experiance.

Life sure does have some heavy twists.

I think I will need to continue my plan of action. The critical moment in my plans are coming up soon. We’ll see how I perform and how well it goes =)

Finally back to Blogging!

April 17, 2007

My life has finally calmed back down and I find myself capable of blogging again. Many things have happened since I mysteriously disappeared back on Feburary 12th, 2007. I’ve been pushed through many challenage, I’ve experianced some amazing things, and I’ve learned so much about myself, which includes good and bad.

Here’s a quick summary of activities/achievements:

  • Traveled to Canada to finish the project (Again…)
  • Took very good care of my team there (I’m proud of this)
  • Went Speed karting at about 40.3 mph! (Edward beat me on the last stretch!)
  • Saw the most beautiful ice sculptures! (burr cold)
  • Experianced -30 degrees C with wind chill (nearly lost an ear)
  • Learned technical information on today’s cutting edge technology!
  • Truly broke through the first few barrier of self realization.
  • Played a part in the Canada national fingerprint system go-live!
  • Had an enlightening Chinese New Year with my older peers
  • Ice Skated straight for over 12 kms (not very many places that can do that)
  • Had a lot of Korean Tofu Soup
  • Started heavy design and implementation on my personal project
  • Found out I had scoliosis
  • Learned the word “Idiopath”, because I am one
  • Researched about medical science in regards to the spinal column
  • Went to and saw a cryropractor
  • Went to see my dentist
  • Started changing my posture the correct way!
  • Expensed over 9000 dollars, still another 3000 or so to expense! (food)
  • Start diggind through my old music cd’s, listen to them one by one
  • Finally took a vacation (2 weeks, 6 days left from today to relax)
  • Moved back into my old house, finally settled down and enjoying a less luxurious life
  • Sold my old house, made $160,000!
  • Took a loan for $300,000!
  • Getting a tax return of over $9,000!
  • Bank reads (but mostly from the loan) $470,550.37   :3
  • Planned my trip to Anime-Expo (June)
  • Got rear-ended the second day I got back to LA
  • Took a Rental Car for over 2 months! (yikes that was expensive!)
  • Bought my lil brother a new laptop! (he loves it)
  • Played and finished Final Fantasy XII
  • Played and finished Command and Conquer 3 (with trainer help :X)
  • Got to drive around LA like a mad man again (speed is fun ;D)
  • Lost some weight
  • Learned how to use my medical plans for once, various details on how to and what to do.
  • Played a paper based version of my video project with my partner (we really nailed down a lot of ideas thanks for this!)
  • Completely and utterly took a vacation and completely did not care about work! This is truly an accomplishment =)
  • Saw some old friends, of what rare chance I get. They play ball together still, but I’m spending this time healing (back/teeth/doctors).
  • Plan to visit my old buddies more often ^__^
  • Tooke some amazing pictures! (My favorate below)

So now life is back to somewhat normal patterns. I hope this continues. But yet the future seems much brighter from here. After taking on such a large inscalable mountian, other things in life seems so much easier in comparason.

I’ve learned a lot in these part 3 months…


Memories of Venezuela from 2005Nov-Dec

February 9, 2007

LAX… Hurray! delayed plan… “The flight is doing to be delayed to some unknown duration as we are experienceing an electrical issues” then later on “the unknown electrical issues seems to have disappeared so it is resolved, please prepare to begin boarding” …… D: What?!… disappeared? huh?…. wait… you mean we don’t need to wait anymore! Yay! Last one on the plane’s a rotten egg!

Anyone have a sudden urge to play simcity?

Delayed flight so we missed out connecting flight. This is a shot of the lobby at the hotel we were allocated for the lay over.

Houston, Texus… very … very… sticky feeling. High humidity and also 12 year olds walking alone in the middle of the night… I think that state death penality really makes an affect on the culture here. So they either have no crime or the 12 year old is working the corner…

Some of the other corner workers… j/k XD okay I’ll stop with the bad jokes. Pretty nice place though. This is all FREE. Open night, i think the city pays for the water fountians and also the clean atmosphere. It was very nice.

At 40+ thousand kilometers in mid-air over the gulf of mexico, I take a brillant snapshot of the sun setting above the clouds.

The 20th floor snap shot of an cylinder structured Embassy Suites lobby below. Was nice rekindling my fear of heights. All I could think about was accidentally dropping my camera. That definitly would be bad…

Promptly decided to reach the ground floor for stability and piece of mind.

*Drool….* under the hood of two racks in this 200+ server setup… *drool..* raw fucking power man… just raw….. what a rush.

The chinese are taking over Venezuela! Watch out! Here is my co-worker Carl. Cool guy, slow talking, fast thinking, easy going, dude that can beat you up if you touch his servers.

Me, enjoying my multiple telnet connections to those 200+ servers. It’s like having the raw power at the tip of your finger tips, but without the cold vacuumed server climate.

How the world looked like after the long hours under the chinese whip.

Our rations >.>;;;;

Omg! Our head software architect has been taken hostage! Just kidding…The armed venezuela national army troops stationed to protect us during the election event. Very diligent =)

Our work! Our pride! And all the cheaters! Actually not that many, just some were. They get a slap on the wrist, a fine, and they were then free to go.

Another great picture I took! Man I could do this for a living!

Me!~ Bored at work =P

January 13, 2007

This is were I lose my sanity every time I travel. It’s pretty getto, but the amount of power at my fingertips are rippling intense. Over 100 CPUs and over 10 terabytes of harddisk space. Windows, Linux, Unix…. any flavor I want. They all have compilers. They are even clutered!

// Baking himself with the raw power….

Of course… this was far less than another project I had. I should dig up those pictures too!

The command center!

Snap shot of remote desktop connections to multiple servers running processes.

Snap shot of more remote desktop connections!

And more!

and more! (Hence the boredom….)

Zoomed out. This is where the functionality demostrations are also held.

Reverse shot to the other side of the room.

Foundations of Business

December 24, 2006

Communications is the foundations of human interaction and the foundation of business. Everything in the middle has alway been an accelerant of the primative “Hi! Do you want to this?”

So what do you need to instantiate a business transaction:
– Product
– Demand
– Seller
– Buyer
– Communication
– Transportation
– Tradable Assets

Well the primative is more like “Oga, Want” *Point* then the other guy “Uga, Trade” *point* and they both nod and swap. >.>;;;;

Profile Archive

September 3, 2006

FF-Female Friend

Me: less reason to leave my hotel room
FF: oh
FF: cuz u know the area already
Me: yeah.
Me: I knew it would happen, so i brought my game cube
Me: Sadly after unpacking, i found out the TV didn’t have video-in.
Me: Now it’s going to sit there for 30 days mocking me
FF: lololo
Me: But it’s been a week now, I out smarted the Hotel TV.
Me: I bought a 300$ convertor to 1394 Firewire
Me: Should get here next week >:3
Me: I’ll plug it into my laptop >:3
FF: wtff
FF: lolol
FF: so u can play gamecube?
Me: /withdrawl
FF: for $300?
Me: /twitch
Me: yeah
FF: lololo
Me: After thinking about the price, it wasn’t such a good idea. But i think I’m more in-love with the fact that I found a work around ^____^
Me: staring at the GC for 7 days was bad LOL, tall tale heart…

I don’t think clearly, but it’s okay…

Return Blogs

June 19, 2006

Haven't blogged in a while. It's been very hectic and a ton of things have happened!

Here's a quick summary:

Camry died, little brother has a new car, ES350. The punk has only had his licence for 2 months! And he's driving around an ES350! A little unfair but i'm really happy for my little brother. He really gets to sport and show off his car in his junior and senior year in highschool. I'm a little afraid that he'll get too spoiled from this though. I reminded him that we were once poor so he needs to remember to not let himself get spoiled by it all. He has a good head on his shoulders, I'm not too worried about it.

I wrote a check for $39,988 >.> that's the largest Check I have ever written to an out side source! Oh the pain! Originally it was 40,000. Writing checks are always a tedious venture: need to write the number, figure out the date, then write out the whole text string wording for the number as well. So like it was 40k… easy "Forty Thousand dollars only" then my mom opens her mouth to the salesman, "How about a nicer number? Like 39-something, with more eights" D: Dealer says "okay how about 39988" So then i had to write "Thirty-Nine Thousand Nine Hundred eighty-eight dollars only". My only thought at the time was "D: Chinese parents! Aiya!" Still fun thou i suppose =) adds a little more to life and makes it interesting.

Work has become very very hellish, there's not enough time to do anything anymore. We have 2 weeks left and it's really sad I need to work so much recently. I really wanted to spend more time relaxing and getting to know Eunice a little more. Well I'm still young, but somedays this is all going to explode out and I'm going to go nuts. I'll be like "Hey! I quit! bye!" Truly working this long and this stressiful is changing a lot of my perspectives on life and society.

Singing! I went singing with Leo, Jon, Phil, Joyce, Jessica, Diana, and Eunice. Was very fun. Eunice is very good at singing. Sometimes I really regret that my parents didn't force me into music and learn the piano or something. Then again, Eunice is right, if i was forced into it I probably wouldn't like to so much, or I wouldn't really wish I could learn it now. A bit of a chicken or the egg delimma.

Did something very out of the ordinary this weekend too. I think I'm getting closer to my point of feeling a little 'enlightened'. One thing really interests me in Eunice is that I can see she's a few steps ahead of me in that direction. She's very level headed and also very enjoyable. In my opinion, one that is closer to "enlightenment" is one that is not phased by society's influences. For example, one thing I still need to work on is my shyness and self-confidence. They are high, but still not high enough. I still second guess myself and also feel not perform at top efficiency and clarity. It's always a strive to better one's self as much as possible.

In some ways, I kind of want to dig out the old me and let him cut loose. It's very difficult to keep this balance. That's one thing the Eunice brings out in me, I can feel some of my old self reemerging from the wreckage. Something tells me inside that I can become what i'm shooting for by spending a little more time with her. It's an usual feeling to explain. I suppose, what I want to say is that I can learn a lot from her.

More later! Back to work!

Financial: Oil prices up means real-estate prices may go up as well

April 27, 2006

Here's what I was told and this is also what sounds pretty logical.

As oil increases it will cost much more to ship around raw materials for building construction, say wood, steel, or other constructure goods. It will be an indirect increase but for every bit of wood that needs to be transported there is just that much more charge in oil fees to get it from point A to point B. An increase in raw supplies will include construction projects for the architects and building planners. Thus raising the final price for a new building, then the cost of already ready buildings will go up too since they are relative to the market.

“You know you’re dead once you stop learning” – Unknown Author (2001)

April 26, 2006

I have forgetten here I heard this from but I think it has a very good note on how to live life.

If you stop learning you're no longer "living". Learning is a very important element of being aware of your surroundings and also the people around you. Everyday there is always something you can learn about the world, the people, your family, your friends, and even yourself.

Once you stop learning, it's just as well be the day you pass away.

All things in life are materialistic, people can acquire money and riches and other people can take that away from you. No one, no one can take away your knowledge the elements of your life that make you who you are. =)