Future MBA?

May 29, 2006

Been thinking a lot lately, mostly due to my current vision of life. Friends just graduated, so I'm thinking back to my years in college as well.

I still regret not obtaining that Business major or minor degree. It's basically something I had really wanted when I first entered Berkeley, additionally it was just something very prestigious that I wanted to prove too myself. I've always been an overachiever (which is bad for my health btw) and originally my goal was to graduate from Berkeley with a double major in Business and Computer Science. Sadly due to the way I played my card and the turn of events I was only able to obtain a Math degree and a CS degree. Granted, Math is also one of Berkeley's strong points, but it's really not something I specifically wanted. I feel that that part of my life was a 'compromise' for something I couldn't achieve correctly.

On one note, I didn't gather the correct amount of information early enough. on a second note, I didn't open myself up enough to ask questions to push down that route. I have one friend which graduated as a Haas School of Business Major, and an EECS of College of Engineering major. That's practically a business, ee, and cs major. I suppose comparing myself to others is not the way to go, there's always someone out there that's better and stronger and more accomplished. It's not so much I'm showing the world though, that's not my goal. It's more about accomplishing it for myself and proving my worth to myself. Why do I need to do that? I'm not sure. It's fun, I suppose.

My definition of fun is whatever someone chooses to live their life doing. Some people enjoy having drama in their life, they have "fun" with it even though they cry and pout and chain reaction the world to it's knees saying "omg you did not!" Some people like to just chase girls, it's like the best thing in the world to them, weither they succeed or fail or get laughed at. Some people enjoy SM (Using strictly as an example, I'm not a mashocist) and it's how they want to live their life. The "pain" is "fun". I'm for one that loves to succeed. I love to fight a hard fight and pull out in front. I love the race of pushing and striving for success and screaming victory at the top of the mountian. I love the fight, the push, the trumph. In Berkeley, I failed in achieving my business degree.

Funny thing is that I'm in a business position now, running management for part of a very large project. Of course I have no pretraining so it's a little difficult for me. Someone told me that it's the best method, saying learning business is one thing, but having experience in business is just as good if not better. I know this is true, it definitly is. My father's a business man, but he has never had formal training in business, actually he's use to study history back in the Taiwan Military. Now he's running his own businesses and investing very intelligently into very profitable assest.

Maybe the one way I'll have closure on this issue through actually succeeding in a business position. Currently I'm getting pushed into this direction (by fate and luck, I have no complaints) and perhaps one day I'll close these missing piece to my life.

Hmmm it's 7pm now… I'm hungry ;3


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